UFC Fighters

The UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship was a professional mixed martial arts organization that has organized several fight tournaments around the globe. It has also developed into a money making program. 꽁머니 추천 is mainly known for its match-ups between champion fighters from various countries. There have been several famous fighters like Diego Sanchez, Randy Couture, Ken Shamrock, and Diego Sanchez. The popularity of this sport has made many fans all over the world to get involved in it. Several organizations are trying to make a name in this market and are organizing their own fight tournaments.

The main title of UFC is the “UFC Heavyweight Championship”. Each country has four weight classes that consist of champion, lightweight, super-lightweight and heavyweight. Each weight class has its own champion that competes in the UFC. Another fascinating aspect of UFC is that there are no referees to count the score while the match is in progress. The bout is judged on a points basis only. The matches are won by whichever fighter gets more points than his opponent.

There are three weight divisions in UFC. Middleweight is occupied by people who have been champions in UFC before. He is generally considered as the best pound for pound athlete in the UFC. He fights against the toughest competitor in the UFC, a fighter who is also his rival, who is also from his division. The other two weight divisions are light weights.

UFC fights are popular among fans and viewers as it is a well-organized combat sport. The rules of this sport are governed by “AFL” or” Arena Fighting Rules”. Unlike boxing, the main principle in UFC is submission fighting only. Submission holds such as rear naked choke, armbar, wrist lock and arm bar cannot be used in UFC fights. This is unlike boxing, wherein holds like choke hold, choke and arm bar can be used to defeat the opponent.

The format of UFC matches vary as do the competitions in UFC bouts. In the preliminary bouts, the fighters use the same type of attire they wear in boxing. Once the fight is over, the fighters get into the actual fights. Some of the main UFC fighters who participate in different bouts at UFC events are Anderson Silva, Rashad Evans, Georges St-Pierre, Chuck Liddell, BJ Penn, Diego Costa, and Kimbo Slice.

The Mixed Martial Arts sport is becoming hugely popular all around the world. UFC is a great source of entertainment for viewers. Even though it is not as successful financially as the NFL, NBA or MMA, it is surely a hit with the viewers who love to watch street fights. There are various websites that cater to UFC matches. Many of these sites have live streaming of UFC bouts.g

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